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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  November 16, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the scandal rocking prince george's county is only getting bigger. a moon night massacre at fedex field and it came just hours after a huge contract extension for donovan mcnabb. fox 5 morning news continues now at 6:00. it is a wet start to this day. it is tuesday, november 16th, 2010. good morning. thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. let's get right to the story everybody is talking about this
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morning. it was billed as a crucial match-up between the eagles and skins. this might have been the most even part of the game, the skirmish before kickoff. the game quickly turned into a michael vick highlight reel. donovan macnab talked about the crushing loss and the -- mcnabb talked about the crushing loss and the new five-year contract that he signed before the game. >> are you relieved to have the extension done? >> at this point, no. my photojournalist us -- my focus is just on the game. this game is just -- i mean i'm embarrassed. a game with everything that was kind of tied into it, wait the thing just went and snowballed in the wrong direction. >> mcnabb's contract extension worth $78 million over five years. $40million of that guaranteed. redskins nation buzzing this morning. if you would like to share your thoughts or read through our
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viewer comments, head to our facebook fan page and can you follow us on twitter. search for wttgmorningnews. >> with all due respect to president obama, that was a shellacking. >> yes, sir and really unfortunate that the contract had to get signed right before the game. >> it is weird because he has one of his best days and worst days on the same day. you get the extension which no one saw coming outside of the redskins organization. and then you get effect hand -- everything handed to you. >> we are also talking about the wet weather out there. >> we've got rainy conditions out there. here is a look at hd radar. the rain has let up but we do still have misty conditions. we have fog and there is more rain off to the south and west including some areas of some pockets of heavy rain. all of that going to be coming
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through the region during the next hour or two. here is the big picture, satellite-radar. what we are seeing here is cloudy skies as we go to the graphics. do we have the graphics? thank you. rainfall, cloud cover, moving through the region. there is a lot more precipitation to come. that will be coming during the course of the day. right now, 51 degrees in the nation's capital. 48 in baltimore. 49 at dulles. here is your forecast, cloudy skies, more periods of rain later. >> thank you, sir. >> lets he -- let's get a look at traffic now with julie wright. >> southbound 270 crash at 85 in buckiestown to you on the shoulder. a truck is stopped in the right
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lane approaching the tunnel as you atravel across the inbound 14th street bridge. it is the right lane of two headed into the tunnel that remains closed. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we want to take a look at our stop stories. the corruption scandal involving prince george's county executive jack johnson and his wife has been expanding. nine more people have been arrested in connection with that. charges include paying police in a scheme to transport and distribute untaxed cigarettes and alcohol in maryland and virginia and drug and gun conspiracy. while the defendants are being held awaiting detention hearings later this week, johnson has been going to work with an electronic monitoring bracelet. >> the citizens of prince george's county, want them to know that i'm going to remain strong, i'm going to finish what i started eight years ago. when we look at the county, i think it is much better off
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than it was when we got here. >> i'm outraged at the disgraceful conduct demonstrated by three of our officers who tarnished our badge for their own agreed and personal gain. >> the feds say more arrests could be made. new members of the incoming congress getting instructions on how to get around the capital today. they are starting with a new member orientation at #: seniors-- at 8:00 this morning. >> i think the american people expect us to follow through. i think they expect to us come in and make sure taxes don't go up and make sure our spending goes down. the new members getting tips on how to hire a staff, where to eat, which elevators to use and how to get to the special
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subway that returns under the capital. they are learning how to conduct themselves under parliamentary procedure and how to avoid ethical traps. also, the ethics trial of charlie rang el. he got up in front of the panel and claim his 50 years of public service is on the line. he asked for more time to get a lawyer but the panel refused and started deliberating his fate. they accepted the facts of the case and will continue deliberation this morning. rangel was facing 13 counts of alleged misconduct. americans are apparently struggling to feed their families. that is the finding of a new report. the u.s. agriculture department says more than 17 million house olds are struggling with low food security. that means they have trouble providing adequate food to everybody's plate. food pantries have seen an increase in the number middle class recipients and people who have lost their jobs. terrifying story topping national headlines. a teenaged girl found bound and
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gagged inside the home of an ex- convict. self of her -- several of her family members are still missing. we've got the new developments in this case. a bull charges the crowd during a rode yes. we'll show you how this plays out. fox 5 news comes back after the break.  i came up with this mobile art gallery
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an ohio man accused of kidnapping a 13-year-old girl found bound and gagged in his basement expected to appear at a bond hearing via video from behind bars. authorities believe matthew hoffman may have chg sarah maynard and her family. investigators will continue their search today. in pakistan, intelligence agents say a u.s. missile strike killed 15 militants overnight in the northern
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region of pawtucket stan along the afghan border in and year insurgents seduce as a base to launch attacks inside afghanistan. doctors and aid works still scrambling to contain the cholera epidemic in haiti. it has already killed 1,000 people. medical aid groups say the number of infected could eventually go for hundreds of thousands. thamess continue to rise. haitian testifying is reporting at least one person was killed and six more injured during two separate demonstrations. and scary moments for fans at a rodeo in western canada. a 1600-pound bull just leaps up into the stands. rodeo staff managed to slow a rope around the animal and reel him in but not before four people were hurt. one woman suffered a fractured pelvis, a broken jaw and facial injuries. another three victim were treated at the scene for minor injuries. they are calling it a baby black hole. what does that mean? we have the latest from nasa on the new discovery in space straight ahead. this video brought hundreds
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of thousands of people to our web site. they wanted to see what was this strange blue light over northern virginia in we found out. we went to the source and we solved the mystery. find out what is causing it when fox 5 morning news continues.  this looks just like the tree house
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welcome back. nasa astronomers are giddy over the ultimate cosmic baby pictures. they are tracking a black hole fresh from its violent birth. scientists think the explosion was enough to cause the black hole to develop. black hoes are warped regions of space so dense not even light can escape. there was a bun of of lights, flying over lee highway in centerville recently. fox 5 has solved the mystery.
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it is actually this remote- controlled glider. it weighs about a found and flies up to 400 feet in the air. tony claridge flies it as a honey. he decorated the planes with the blue l. e. d. lights so make it easier to see j >> i can understand how it might be misunderstood as a ufo. >> collar you think -- claridge says people have followed the lights to the field where he flies the plane. >> that make sense, doesn't it? >> when you don't know it is a model plane, all you see is the outline and it you file in the gaps there t make it look like something round or whatever. great that we found that out. >> what is going on out there? >> we've got a few rain showers out there. we see more rain coming from
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the south and west. take the umbrella with you. let's start with hd radar. much of the immediate area, a little bit of a break but here it comes. another batch of rain and this is what we'll be seeing through the day today. rain filling in from the south and west so that is where it will come from through the day. and it will be moving across the region. here is washington, no rain right now in the district. we have misty conditions and fog. there is your rainfall now, coming through manassas, dale city, you are starting to get it as well. front royal, culpeper and this is moving in a northeasterly direction so you might look out and say okay, it is not raining and 20 minutes from now, if -- it will be raining over you. here also look at the satellite- radar composite. it shows you the big picture, lots more run to get through and not just this rain but then
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off to the south as well. that is where the area of low pressure is. that still has to get through the region. we do think that all of this heavy rain that you see out there, we think that, for the most part, the heaviest rainfall amounts will be off to the west. can't rule out a thunderstorm or two. current temperatures across the region here in washington, okay, there is more. and across the south. here in washington, we are at a current temperature of 51 degrees. 46 up in gaithersburg. winchester, 48. 50 in annapolis. forecast for washington for today, cloudy skies, periods of rain. 56 for your high. five-day forecast, a little bit warm are tomorrow and some rain early in the morning. thursday, mostly cloudy, 57.
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friday, we cool off, 54. right now, saturday looks pretty good, sunny and 59. at this point, sunday looks good as well. now, let's get to julie wright. >> not looking so bad right now if you are traveling inbound along 29 leaving white oak headed out towards university boulevard. westbound 32 before you reach 198, accident reported in the left lane. southbound 270 on the slow side headed out to the struck scales. eastbound on the freeway before you commit to the exit for the third street tunnel, we have two right lanes blocked with a stalled tractor-trailer and that is causing a commute at the d.c. end of the bridge headed towards the incident. be prepared if a -- for a slowdown headed into the tunnel. big news coming from england. royal officials say prince william and girlfriend kate middleton are engaged to be married. there has been a lot of speculation about this over the last few years. the palace says they became
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engaged last month during a vacation in kenya. the couple are both 28. they met more than eight years ago while they were students at the university of st. andrew's in scotland and been dating for seven years. >> maybe some good news for beatles fans today. you might be able to soon download your favorite beatles songs via itunes. the "wall street journal" reporting that the bate -- the beatles are on their way. apple set for a major announcement later this morning. >> we'll talk more about that in our business beat straight ahead. also, yellow cabs, a staple of manhattan. but there is a competition under way to design a new new york taxi. we'll talk about the frontrunners and some changes that maybe you will see on the streets of the big apple soon. stay with us. 
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facebook announced its
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brand-new e-mail service yesterday and now anticipating is building around a big announcement expected from apple. ashley webster with fox business network is live in new york with our business beat. why don't we start with that? what is this big announcement we are anticipating? >> you know, opportunity it seem like every other week steve jobs is out there in his black turtleneck telling us something new. >> yes. >> at first, there was a lot of speculation that it may be something to do with cloud computing. they bought this huge storage facility in north carolina and it is supposed to be online any minute and the speculation began about that being able to store your files on the clouds. speculation growing that maybe the beatles catalogue is finally available on itunes. some sort of deal could have been reached. we've been talking about the beatles stuff for years with am. maybe now is the time. they say this is the day you won't forget.
6:25 am
apple is so great at hyping anything they announce. i hope the beatles personally. >> i know. tony does too. i think a lot of people hope for that as well. when you go to new york, it is a sea of yellow with all those taxi cabs out there. really, those cabs that are out there on the roads never were intended to be taxi cabs so now they are trying to come up with a new design. >> they are. how many taxis do you think there are in new york city? >> i couldn't even -- i couldn't even venture a guess. have i no idea. how many? >> 13,200 we've got 16 different manufacturers. the crown victoria is the more iconic one but they stopped making those a while ago. the competition is on. it is down to three manufacturers, ford, carson, usa which is a truck company
6:26 am
more than anything and nissan. the city wants something that is roomy, environmentally friendly and something perhaps a little more friendly environment would be nice. i don't know whether this will change the attitude of the driver but some new taxis would be nice. >> you are right about that. what is coming up later? >> we've got a slew of things actually. we'll be talking to the chairman of the top oversight committee and we'll be talking to the governor of texas, rick perry, about fiscal discipline. >> very good. i'm sure your friends overseas buzzing about this kate middleton/prince william engagement. >> finally. >> here at home, we are talking about what happened to the redskins just a few hours after donovan mcnabb signed a contract extension. skins were devastated in this beatdown from the former team.
6:27 am
sarah is following the big story out of prince george's county. >> reporter: three county police officers now arrested in connection with that corruption probe here in prince george's county. what does the county police chief have to say about it?   i'm sarah simmons. i'll have the latest when we return.  ♪ [ male announcer ] your first day. you try to lie low, get the lay of the land. but then calls your interior lexus quiet. and automobile magazine goes comparing you to a cadillac. ♪ so much for the new kid fitting in with the rest of the class. the all new chevrolet cruze. starting under $17,000.
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we're back at 6:30 on this tuesday morning. when you step outside, you will need the rain coat today. >> got some more rain moving in as we speak. our viewers off to the south and west of the city are getting it and we'll get it here in a minute. we'll show you the rain as it moves in. we've already had rain overnight and we have another little batch cincluding another heavy rain off to the south and west. can you see this rain is moving at a pretty good clip. every few minutes, it is getting closer. alexandria now see something rainfall and in fact, southwestern portions of the beltway starting to get some
6:31 am
rain down there, maybe near little river turnpike, places like that. 395 and that heavy batch out towards culpeper. here is a look at the big picture. satellite-radar for the region, you can see that there were some clouds out there. here is a look at the current temperatures around the region. 51degrees in washington. ocean city at 55. winchester at 48. forecast for today, more clouds, periods of rain. high about 56 degrees today. that will do it. you will need the umbrella all day long and into the night as well. that is a look at the weather . coming up in about 15 minutes,
6:32 am
today's edition of ask the weather guys. >> let's get to julie wright now with the traffic. >> on the beltway, you are talking about the rain and wet pavement. we have a couple of hiccups out there. outer loop of the beltway before you reach route 4, the incident now on the shoulder. southbound 95, 295 in the clear out of laurel. top side of the beltway outer loop, no incidents to report working your way past colesville road. southbound 270 on the brake approaching and passing 109. -- on the brakes approaching and passing 109. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our big story, a new twist in the scandal rocking prince george's county. first, county executive jack johnson and his wife. now, police officers and big time business owners rounded up in the federal investigation. >> sarah simmons joins us live
6:33 am
from the prince george's county executive building in upper marlboro with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. according to the u.s. attorney's office, these arrests are connected to a series of investigates that are stemming from the jack johnson case. they are not saying exactly how these are related at this point. the prince george's county police chief is saying that he is very upset about this and is calling it a disgrace to the department. >> these individuals are just bad people that need to go away. >> reporter: strong words from police chief roberto hylton after investigators arrested three of his police officers. investigators say the moves are part of the ongoing corruption probe that led to the arrest of jack johnson and his wife last week. >> there are a series of related investigates. this casen -- this case and case announced on friday are among that series of related investigations. >> reporter: two of the people
6:34 am
arrested, sergeant richard delabrer and corporal chong kim. the owner of tick-tock liquors and his wife and the two officers are other among seven charged in the first indictment. they would pay the officers in he can change for the safe transport of their untaxed cigarettes an alcohol in maryland and in virginia. and a third officer, sinisa simic is charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine and the use of firearms for drug trafficking. >> these two cases have one important feature in common. they allege that police officers violated the trust of the people of prince george's county, sold their authority and joined with criminals to commit serious criminal violations. >> it is a duty of every employee in this police department to report anyone who is doing misconduct. you can't turn your back to misconduct or anyone that is doing the wrong thing.
6:35 am
those individuals, we need to remove from the ranks. >> reporter: hylton says his internal investigation continues and so does the federal investigate. >> our interest in corruption in this county has been long- standing and long-reaching. >> reporter: those three officers are currently suspended without pay. if they are convicted, they could face up to 20 years in prison. fbi investigators say these cases are all part of a corruption probe that goes back more than four years. live here in upper marlboro, sarah simmons, back to you. for the john sons, it has been business as usual. leslie johnson left couple's home in mitchellville yesterday morning with no comment. jack johnson did face cameras outside the county executive building. he didn't address the scandal directly but he did thank county officials and well wishes for hair support. >> i just wanted to come out
6:36 am
and say that my family and i are doing really well. we are strong. i received probably more than a thousand telephone calls and messages from all of the churches. >> johnson only has three weeks left in office and says he will finish out his term focusing on budget issues. the play from about the 12 and there is vick and watching downfield, portis and jackson accelerates for the opening play and all the way for a touchdown. >> can't believe how many people i detect texted after that and said you got to be -- can't believe how many people i texted after that and said, you
6:37 am
got to be kidding me. >> i jokingly texted we could start the post-game show now. and you could. the first play, it is shock and awe. you it happens. you get punched in the mouth. >> you come back fighting. >> no, that was really the beginning of the downfall. the second drive to me was much worse than what you just saw. steve, here it is. when coaches say we got outcoached, it is because of stuff like this. nobody there to contain him. there he goes. big game, first down. and than a couple plays later, this a greet team with sean mccoy, blockers in front. this will go for big yardage inside the 10-yard line and first and goal. look at the time on the clock. and vick doing what he does, just a great athletic play to get outside. three guys missed, steve and before you know it, it is 14-0 and we haven't played five
6:38 am
minutes of that ball game. >> that end around we just showed there, i texted you this last night when i saw it. how it is that john grudin says this is where andy reid will break out the double reverse. and bang right there. >> he is a former coach. the out coach couldn't see it. >> maybe he should be coaching somewhere. >> i think he may be coaching next year but that is another story. this is jerome harrison. who? jerome harrison. watch the tackle that he eludes here, one, two, three, four and then breaks it outside and here comes number five. mcintosh won't be able to get him. there you go, 28-0. when you see all of these types of things going on, you say we got outcoached today. they were not ready to lay last night. they should have been because
6:39 am
donovan mcnabb got this huge contract before the game. we'll take a look at the details of that contract. i think people are stunned by one thing in particular. $40million guaranteed for a 33- year-old quarterback. look, i think it is a good move because they need stability at that position. >> it is the best option i think they have at this time. >> but i was stunned by the guaranteed money. they did this with albert haynesworth. it's five-area contract. i think we would all be surprised if he plays all five here. i do think it is a step in the right direction. >> the best pass defense if the league, the northerly ins saints coached by? >> greg williams. didn't he used to be here? >> interesting. we'll see you again next hour. >> you got it, buddy. airport patdowns. how some passengers are taking a stand against that. more details on the chandra
6:40 am
levy case coming up after the break. d fphgege ve
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back with the latest on the chandra levy murder trial. today, lawyers will present their closing arguments. as expected, the defense rested yesterday without calling murder suspect ingmar guandique to testify. the defense did question one of guandique's former cell mates. he told the court he never heard guandique admit to killing levy. guandique is still facing two murder charges. there is more fall outfrom the new full body airport scanners and patdowns. >> some plyers who complain that the security procedures go too far are now joining a boycott. mary ann rafferty explains more. >> hands over the head, it is a better imafnlgt person. >> reporter: there is an uproar over the tsa's patdown procedures. >> female, one anomaly.
6:44 am
>> reporter: and body scanners that take a view of the human body. >> it was just frightening because either you have to have naked photos of yourself taken by a complete strange are or be touched by a complete stranger. >> reporter: manage mclain was escorted from boston's you're port after refusing. >> they use full palm with fingers, they feel around your breast and genitalia. >> some parents flying with their kids also have concerns. >> they won't be patted down f they can scan them, that is fine. if they can go through metal detectors but i won't have my teenaged girl do that. >> this is all being done as a process for make sure the traveling public is safe, that you are safe, that your fellow passengers are safe. >> if it is going to make our flight safer, i'm all for it. >> it makes me feel a ton
6:45 am
better knowing that everyone who walks through is going to get scanned. >> there is a call to boycott security scanners the day before thanksgiving. >> good luck to them. >> i think they are riverring the security on their flight. i hope they are willing to take that risk. >> reporter: the day before thanksgiving is typically the busiest travel day of the year. janet napolitano thinks the boycotters should use their, quote, common sense. mary ann rafferty, fox news. >> travelers also organizing a crusade to get people to opt out of the screening machines. it is called out opt out day. he wants congress to look at it and he thinks it should be a secondary screening, not a first line of defense. let's take a look at the weather. maybe air travel will be affected by the weather today. >> i do think our rain will be light to moderate. but i tell you what will be an issue is some of the fog we are
6:46 am
eking this morning. it will take a while for that to burn off. you will have some issues there. let's take a look at hd radar. we'll show what you we are seeing right now. we are getting more rain moving into the region as we speak. there you go. it is all coming in from the south and west. there are some areas of heavy rain. it looks like manassas will soon get some heavy rain coming through there. this is how the rain has filled in in the district as you can see there. this is the way it will go through the day. periods of rain coming through, mostly light to moderate but with little patches of heavy rain here and there. now, let's get to the graphics. your satellite-radar composite for the entire region. there you see, can you see pretty good system coming through. we've got a frontal boundary that is here and that is why the area of low pressure is training along that front. there is a left heavy rain associated with this. and most of the rain will stay
6:47 am
well out to the west. i cannot rule out some areas of heavy rain and maybe even some thunderstorm activity making its way in here later on today i think during the late afternoon and during the evening hours. current temperatures through the region, it is relatively mild out there. humidity is high. we have the mist and fog but right now, this map wants to do whatever it wants to do. it says 50 degrees right now. it is 51 degrees in washington actually. 46 in gaithersburg. winchester is at 48 degrees and leonardtown, maryland is at 48 degrees. your forecast for today, cloudy skies, periods of rain, 56 degrees for your high. five-day forecast, that rain lasts tonight as well, possibly into the early hours of tomorrow. but then it wraps up pretty quickly. breezy tomorrow, 63 degrees. it won't quite feel like 63 with the breeziness. temperature back to normal for thursday. 57 for your high. friday, cool, saturday looks to be a nice day, sunny and 59.
6:48 am
that is a look at what is happening with the weather. time now for ask the weather guys, the segment where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather- related or otherwise. today's question comes from nancy dyer. she says she has noticed high standing water at a creek in her neighborhood near the potomac. since there hasn't been much rain, she looked into it and found a coatal advisory for tidal anonliz. she wants to know what are tidal anomalies and what causes them. excellent question, nancy. this is from the folks at noaa. if will be easier for me to read aand -- to read it --
6:49 am
what? >> maybe i should say what the situation with is the tides. the sand the moon, they are kind of like kissing cousins. they are back and forth together with planet earth and it is a gravitational flow. so that pulls everything on planet earth towards t when the sun and moon align together, we get more extreme tides, high and low tides. they pull the water towards the moon and toward the sun. that sets the stage for these tidal anomalies that tony will mention now. thank you, tucker. that does set the stage. >> that was a very good way to do things. tidal anomalies. these causes can include railroad high or low atmospheric pressure and what we mention hear a lot because of the chesapeake bay, strong winds piling up water in
6:50 am
coastal areas. so you've got your -- like tucker, here is how he explained it earlier. it is like a mathematical equation. you know what the tide should be. the anomalies come from all the other influences. will it be windy? is there a storm out at sea that is making the tides higher, et cetera. and when she saw a coatal flood advisory a reference to tidal anomalies, there are other factors here that will change with the tide will be. what happens when we get the big storms, we get winds out of the east and that has a tendency to pile the water out western shore of the chesapeake bay. great example of that was isabelle, tropical storm, hurricane isabelle. imagine sitting in a bathtub and you push all the water to one side of the bathtub. the same thing occurs in the bay. all that water gets pushed up as the storm move up the coast.
6:51 am
>> thank you very much. >> thank you, nancy for the question. if you have something that you would like to have answered, sent it in to us. go to and click on the weather tab. we will try to answer it for you. >> when you say your normal commute is supposed to take and hour but there could be traffic accidents, there could be rain which is what we're dealing with. >> the gps tells you 15 minutes y forget it. it always lies to you. >> also want to say that tidal anomalies would be a good name for a band. >> julie wright who buy that. >> i got to say, if it has an 808 in it. i got to have that. this is just awe terrible
6:52 am
commute. southbound from father hurly boulevard trying to work out to mva, bumper-to-bumper traffic right now. outer loop of the beltway below speed 95 to georgia. that double left turn land into the third street tunnel, that has cleared. better news for you there. 395 coming across, on the d.c. end of the bridge, we have another stalled vehicle tying up the left lane. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. a head is up today if you are heading through college park. warning phase is now over. the at the's first speed camera now operational. this is along paint branch parkway near the trolley trail. if you are caught going 47 miles and hour or faster, it is a $40 ticket and you will get that in the mail. in the district, outgoing mayor adrian fenty will unveil d.c.'s first electric vehicle charging station today and than later this morning, he will show off the new carb side chargers at the reeves center in northwest.
6:53 am
official for the department of energy, pepco holdings and charge point america will all join mayor fenty. a major step towards protecting southwest d.c. from flooding. plans for a new levy were unveiled. it would protect the national mall also. fema recently updated its flood hazard map and found these areas are at risk. the project willing funded by federal stimulus money. a crackdown on teacher training programs. it includes creating formal mentorships for teachers similar to what doctors in training go through in med school. those recommendations are coming from the heads of several of the country's largest education systems. maryland by the way is among the eight states that have signed on. in california, the state supreme court just made a ruling on immigration that is expected to go all the way to
6:54 am
the supreme court. the how about some holiday fun that won't break the bank? >> holly is showing us some thanksng. we'll check in with her after the break. inus
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>> reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. and i know the thanksgiving countdown is on. we're one week away. chances are you're thinking of wanting to do some decorating or come up with family activities that don't break the bank. you need some creativity. and we're live at joann's fabric where sandy sandler who is the founder of the nonprofit
6:58 am
crafters for kids and the creator of the qvc sensation bow dab raw is coming in to spend the morning with us and give us project ideas that are frugal and fun. so we're going to create a turkey pin and come up with how to make a pet toy and talk about thanksgiving decorations that you and the family can do, how you can color indian corn and hang that around. and since we are here at joann's fabric, you're probably looking at this stuff and saying i don't know what to do with it. you need to come to some of their classes. they have classes for all ages and all different projects and we'll learn more about that. and when we have sandy here we're going to talk about crafters for kids and it's nonprofit and what it's real mission is. because it's not just about making a craft, what you get out of making a craft. not only doing it together as a
6:59 am
family but as a individual. we'll talk about how the bigger picture comes into play when we talk about being creative. and then our thanksgiving holiday will benefit from all of that. gurvir. >> we will look forward to it, holly. right now we want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. she's kim roseyer. this is her soccer team and we want to say congratulations because the team recently won a championship. to be a fan of the day, find us on fox 5 morning news and then post a comment under that particular photo. that's going to do it for the 6:00 hour. it's time to say good morning to allison and steve. coming up on fox 5 morning news, just hours after giving donovan mcnabb a five-year $78 million extension, the redskins get a good beati


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